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Back in businesses

Well, its been awhile since one made a post or even logged on… Now one made a few purchases¬†and will be making more blog post more often Till then MikeVachon signing out!

Message Of The Day ~ Meditation


Take a Still day. Let life be!  

Daily Message is ~Message~


A message is coming… keep those ears and eyes open

Today’s about Cycles and Walls ~ Daily Message

Cycles and Walls

What goes around comes around is the symbol of Cycles. like the moon that revolves around the planet, the energy that you express in your next action will orbit around you. Make sure its a good one! Is there a Read more…

~Fulfillment~ Message of the Day


You are close to your goals. Now is the time to integrate and digest what you have learned to date. know that every encounter is intended to feed your soul. you have so many reasons to feel good about yourself, Read more…

~The Warrior~ Daily Message


Whatever is happening to you are truly protected. If your question is regarding love, this card represents someone who is deeply committed, protective, and kind to you. These qualities are important for a relationship to grow. If this person doesn’t Read more…

Oh That ~Chaos~ Message of The Day


If you’re the one creating the bullshit you’ll have to pick up the mess! I if not get out of the storm or you’ll get wet.

~Focus~ Our Message Is


Take into consideration all the factoring variables, taking aim focus and shoot for the stars.

Understanding Choices of Self Worth a Three Card Fallout Kinda Day

self worth

Imagine what it’s like to walk in other people’s shoes to try to build an understanding. Before making a choice. Ask yourself. Is it for the highest good? What value do you place on yourself in your life? Much Love

Time of Ending and New beginnings! ~Conclusions~


Get all the facts before coming to a conclusion. Especially about people! It a time of ending and new beginnings. We can’t know the whole¬†story if we haven’t read to the end. This is a sign that a new story Read more…