Its What it is.

~The Warrior~ Daily Message


Whatever is happening to you are truly protected. If your question is regarding love, this card represents someone who is deeply committed, protective, and kind to you. These qualities are important for a relationship to grow. If this person doesn’t Read more…

Oh That ~Chaos~ Message of The Day


If you’re the one creating the bullshit you’ll have to pick up the mess! I if not get out of the storm or you’ll get wet.

~Focus~ Our Message Is


Take into consideration all the factoring variables, taking aim focus and shoot for the stars.

Understanding Choices of Self Worth a Three Card Fallout Kinda Day

self worth

Imagine what it’s like to walk in other people’s shoes to try to build an understanding. Before making a choice. Ask yourself. Is it for the highest good? What value do you place on yourself in your life? Much Love

Time of Ending and New beginnings! ~Conclusions~


Get all the facts before coming to a conclusion. Especially about people! It a time of ending and new beginnings. We can’t know the whole story if we haven’t read to the end. This is a sign that a new story Read more…

Daily Message ~Playful~


Life’s no fun being serious all the time. Introduce​ some playfulness this into your day. Watch how life becomes a bit more magical! Much love ~N~ Enjoy your self eh!

The Message of the day ~ Three Card Fall Out ~


Be taking care of that body of yours. Be passionate in your creations and watch those emotions. Check out my new bed I just bought!! Much Love and enjoy the world everybody!

Message of the Day ~ Fulfillment ~


Is your glass half full or half empty? Know that success could be bitter sweet just like the pomegranate. and  now is the time to integrate and digest what you have leader to date.

Rocking a Noob world!!

Peavey Rotor EXP

Played on A Peavey rotor exp Powered By A Line 6 Spider Classic 15 Modeling Amplifier  Much Love Keep Jamming Fuckers!!

Our Message of the Day ~ Holy Ginger Shit Snaps Everybody ~Fragment~ Again!


Build yourself a nice foundation and allow the pieces to find there spot! Check out Steemit and Flow @thenobuddy  Much Love Everybody!!